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Combine (include) two scripts in one site.

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Hello! This is my first thread on this site, newly got registred.

My problem is (as the topic speaks) that a want to include two third party scripts into one site.
I'm not good at PHP, but I can understand some of its commands.

My first script is http://michaelbertsch.eu/project/50, but on my site ( http://www.teamdritings.com/Bilder )
My second is http://www.truefusion.vze.com/ , ( http://www.teamdritings.com/Shoutbox )

These are located on different folders on my ftp, but that doesnt matters yet.

The TinyGallery script is just one file, it's just a file named "index.php"
But the shoutbox script have several files, like: smileys, .css, 3 .php , etc.

My question is how I can easily include both scripts in one site :)

I have read the tutorial on this site about include, but I need some guidence and no one around my can this tho :S http://www.truefusion.vze.com/

Asking kindly, pls help me

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Maybe this is what you need:

So including external files is not always allowed, but when it is do the following:

But it's usually disabled so I'm not sure.

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Okey :)

I'll try my best man!
Thank you for answering to my post :)

What do you think of the site so far ? =P

Not my work, but it's easy and has a good looking ;)

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Hey again.

I on my way to success now, but I can't quite get the include/remote stuff working..

This is the lines that I included in the "index.php" for the TinyGallery script.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://www.teamdritings.com/Shoutbox/style.css" type="text/css" media="screen" />

...........FUNKE IKKE HELT ENDA.........

<?php include("http://www.teamdritings.com/Shoutbox/index.php");?>

As you can see on the site, the shoutbox appears on the window but all the functions will not work..like smileys, new posts etc.
See for yourself, http://www.teamdritings.com/Bilder

This is how my folders are sorted on my FTP:

[attachment deleted by admin]

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