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Display error message on same popup window

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I want to display message on same customised popup window . Say for eg when i click on signin link a popup window comes and when i click on submit button , it get redirected to loginpage.php where php code for connection is written and other code of php is wriiten for database fetching . and if login credential match it get redirected to main page


So what i want to do is when some one click on signin link and popup window open up and when clicked on submit button , if the credential dont match it should throw error on same popup window before it closes


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PHP is a server side language, so in order to run the PHP code, an actual request must be made to the server (whether it be through a page load, or refresh, or whatever).


What you will need to use is AJAX, which will allow you to send a request to the server, and get a response back without needed to refresh to page or load a different one on the client side.


Here's an AJAX tutorial: http://www.tizag.com/ajaxTutorial/


Note, AJAX is done via Javascript, so If you don't know any javascript, I suggest learning it

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