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I have a code that submits to paypal
if (isset($HTTP_POST_VARS["imxPPForm1"])) {
$IMX_PP = new PayPalSIP();
$IMX_PP->business = "anyone@paypal.com";
$IMX_PP->image_url = "logo.gif";
$IMX_PP->item_number = $HTTP_SESSION_VARS["icJag"]->col("OrderID");
$IMX_PP->item_name = "Shopping Cart";
$IMX_PP->currency_code = $row_rsCurrency['CurrRate'];
$IMX_PP->quantity = "1";
                $IMX_PP->winName = "paypal";
$IMX_PP->amount = $HTTP_SESSION_VARS["icJag"]->col("Total");
$IMX_PP->return = "success.php";
$IMX_PP->cancel_return = "cancel.php";
$url = $IMX_PP->_url;
header("Location: $url");
This submit one total to paypal [code] $HTTP_SESSION_VARS["icJag"]->col("Total");[/code]

But I want my toal to come from here
             $number1 = $HTTP_SESSION_VARS["icJag"]->col("Total");
$number2 = $row_rsCurrency['Rate'];
             $newnumber = ($number1 * $number2);
echo $english_format_number = number_format($newnumber, 2, '.', '');
$totalCart = $english_format_number = number_format($newnumber, 2, '.', '');

I presume I need it to be '$totalCart' as I can echo that on the page and get a result, but ehat do I need  to do to get it work in my script?

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