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mysterious image caching script

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I have a site that uses a script to store images from remote servers on my server so I can serve them from my server.
I've had this script running fine on a previous webhost, but now that I've moved to another host, some mysterious things are happening.

The script first stores the images on my server just fine. But then, somehow, some of the stored files disappear. Even when no scripts are running anymore. Sounds kind of impossible, I know, but it is what seems to happen.

The script that stores the images does delete existing images, but only just before it replaces it with a new one. And the (but not all) images disappear way after the script was run and terminated.

Has anyone experienced anything like this before?

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Let us see your script, it will allow us to see what may be causing it. Not everything that goes wrong is script or server related, but seeing the script will help others help you figure if the script is at fault.


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