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javascript variable into php variable?

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Hi, I have this js function that sets a variable (var a), and I want to put that variable into a php $_post variable.  Basically so that when the form posts, that js variable is recognized as $_post['a'] in the php script.

Any suggestions?

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You can just add a hidden input called [b]a[/b] to your form then use JavaScript to fill it or create the input dynamicly! I attached a quick example because I can't post it on the forum!


[attachment deleted by admin]

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to expand a bit, I have a button on a form.  The form has several rows, and each row has a unique id #  Each row also has my delete button.  The id# is a php array, 0 thru x.  When the user clicks the button the form submits needs to delete the row. The unique id# is sent as a parameter to a javascript function that submits the form.  I need to take that same parameter and post it back because that variable ultimately is part of a query that will delete the row.  The form then returns the same page, minus the deleted row.

button is:  [code]<button onclick="javascript:deleteuser(<?=$id?>,<?=$form?>);">delete</button>[/code]

javascript code as follows:

function deleteuser(a,f) {

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