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PHP and GD

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What is the best way to get GD working with PHP Version 5.1.4.

I have a default install of php on a Fedora server running with apache. When I a phpinfo.php GD isn't listed. Is there a config file i need to update or something else?

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I havnt got much experience with X servers but ive used GD on windows and found the site where i could download it and find documentation etc... in the FAQ (http://www.boutell.com/gd/faq.html) it says;

[quote]How do I install gd on Fedora Linux?

yum install gd-devel

Note: this might not install the latest, most-cutting edge version of gd, depending on the version of Fedora you are running and how current their gd packages are at the moment. [/quote]

I'm not sure if that means download the library first, if you do need to download it it is also on that site, if not then that should give you A version of GD tho as it says not always the latest one but methinks downloading it from that site will help :)

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Dont know how to do it for your server but this is how 2 do it under windows. I think there is not much difference.

1. go to the following url [url=http://www.php.net/downloads.php]http://www.php.net/downloads.php[/url]

2. download "[color=red]PHP 5.2.0 zip package[/color]"

3. when downloaded open the zipfile and look for the file named "php_gd2.dll"

4. copy this file to your php folder something like ([color=red]C:\Program Files\PHP\extensions[/color]) or where ever your extension directory is.

5. locate your [color=red]php.ini[/color] file and open it.

6. search for the following line "[color=red];extension=php_gd2.dll[/color] " (line 641)
  and uncomment it(remove";")
  if this line reads "[color=red]extension=php_gd.dll[/color]" just rename it to "[color=red]extension=php_gd2.dll[/color]"

7. also change the [color=red]extension_dir = ".\"[/color] to extension_dir = [color=red]".\extensions"[/color]or what ever your extensions directory is (line 520)

Hope this helped.

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