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FROM entire_catalog WHERE artist=dysrhythmia

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I have a record label and am setting up a database to hold all information relating to our releases. I have the following statement that works great (to list them by chronologically by release date):


$sql="SELECT * FROM entire_catalog ORDER BY release_date_us";


Now, I want to just list releases by a certain artist (Dysrhythmia, in this case) and when I use this...


$sql="SELECT * FROM entire_catalog WHERE artist=Dysrhythmia ORDER BY release_date_us";


I get the dreaded \"Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource\"


In my database, I have one table \"entire_catalog\" and in this table I have fields named \"artist\", \"title\", \"release_date_us\", \"release_date_eur\", etc...


The \"artist\" field is setup as varchar(64) - why won\'t this work for me?


In attempting to figure this out for myself, I changed the WHERE to pull only certain catalog numbers, and that worked great. But I cannot get it to pull only one artist by name.


I have a feeling that it has something to do with the capitol \"D\" at the beginning of the name, but I need it to be there (in the \"artist\" field) so the name displays properly.


Confused... Thank you for looking!


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Update - I added a new field (artist_id) and if I use


WHERE artist_id=1


then it works great (lists all releases by that artist). But I would much rather use the bands name than have to try and remember everyones number.


Thanks again,


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$sql="SELECT * FROM entire_catalog WHERE artist=\'Dysrhythmia\' ORDER BY release_date_us";


Hope this helps!

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