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Thumbnails without chmod 777

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Hi everyone!

I have a little bit of code. It won't work, because I cant set chmod to 777. The web host don't let me do it. So I thought about another way to create my thumbnails, jsut I don't know how to put it into my code. I figures move_uploaded_file() will work for me. So here is the code. I hope someone can help me with that. Thx

$new_w = 100;
$cfg_fullsizepics_path = "pictures";
$cfg_thumb_path = "thumbs";
$filepath = "pictures";
$dir = dir($filepath);
while($entry=$dir->read()) {
if($entry == "." || $entry == "..") {
$fp = @fopen("$filepath/$entry","r");
$photo_filename = "$entry";
$image_stats = GetImageSize($cfg_fullsizepics_path."/".$entry);
$imagewidth = $image_stats[0];
$imageheight = $image_stats[1];
$img_type = $image_stats[2];
$ratio = ($imagewidth / $new_w);
$new_h = round($imageheight / $ratio);
if (!file_exists($cfg_thumb_path."/".$entry)) {
if ($img_type=="2") {
$src_img = imagecreatefromjpeg($cfg_fullsizepics_path."/".$entry);
$dst_img = imagecreate($new_w,$new_h);
imagejpeg($dst_img, "$cfg_thumb_path"."/$entry");
} elseif ($img_type=="3") {
Imagepng($dst_img, "$cfg_thumb_path"."/$entry");
} elseif ($img_type=="1") {
echo "$entry";
echo "

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