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Having big issues with session variables!


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I have a header.php which is included to all php files.


Header.php has the following:

if(isset($_SESSION)|| $_SESSION != null){
	echo '<br />Login status: '. $_SESSION['message'] ;




I have a login.php which has header.php included.


include header.php

if($validate){$_SESSION['message']  = 'Validated';}
else{$_SESSION['message']  = 'Unautorized';}


when i refresh the page after submit , and check for $_SESSION['message'] it is always empty.

same thing is i created another php page, included header.php, and when i redirect to it after login.php the session variable is still empty?


Cant figure out why.

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Can you try a simpler version of your login.php, which simply includes header.php, sets $_SESSION='message' = 'test' and then exits immediately.  That will either conrfirm that sessions are working, or determine that they are not working.

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I figured out the issue somewhat.


I am using and mvc design. And when i research it, i found out that i either need to make a library to handle session variables or use cookies. Since i used the code for mvc of tutorial on build your own mvc that i found on some site, its pretty bugged. When i tried cookies, they seem to work, but i will test them out more concretely tomorrow.

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