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Problem with php link

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I have the code below... it doesn't work and the link is blank. When i click on View>>Source it shows the php echo in pink instead of processing it.

Is this code wrong?

If so could you help me fix it... if not could it be a problem with my apache/php installation?

PHP Code
[code]echo('Welcome back '.$userdata['username'] . '<br />
<a href="/forums/privmsg.php?folder=inbox"> <?php echo $l_privmsgs_text ?></a><br />');

HTML code
[code]<a href="/forums/privmsg.php?folder=inbox"><?php echo $l_privmsgs_text ?></a>[/code]

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Because you've put "<?php echo $l_privmsgs_text ?>" [b]inside[/b] an echo.

[code]echo('Welcome back '.$userdata['username'] . '<br /><a href="/forums/privmsg.php?folder=inbox"> <?php echo $l_privmsgs_text ?></a><br />');[/code]

Should be-
[code]echo('Welcome back '.$userdata['username'] . '<br /><a href="/forums/privmsg.php?folder=inbox">'.echo $l_privmsgs_text.'</a><br />');[/code]


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