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php & MySQL limitation

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#1 u0206787@nus.edu.sg

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Posted 19 October 2006 - 03:16 PM

Sorry if I'm asking something funny or sound stupid, but I really wish to find out what are the limitation for PHP and MySQL.

What so different between Javascript or Perl to PHP?

#2 dymon

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Posted 19 October 2006 - 04:52 PM


about JavaScript and PHP, the main difference is where this two are executed. JS is executed locally, I mean in the browser, this one have events like onClick for a button or onChange for text boxes. But PHP is executed on the server (Apache for example), the PHP scripts are executed and than the results are sent in the browser in HTML format.
I tried to explain, I hope it's clear :).

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#3 btherl

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Posted 20 October 2006 - 03:41 AM

It's not a stupid question.. people spend hours debating it :)

My experience is that perl and php are very similar in power.  Perl is better suited for text processing, and php is better suited for web applications.

Javascript is executed on the user's computer (in the browser), and it is usually used for simple tasks.  Most of the brains will be in the perl and php running on the server.

Pretty much anything you think of can be done by perl & mysql, php & mysql, perl & postgres, php & postgres, or other combinations.  Some things are easier with a particular combination.

PHP and perl are scripting languages, whereas mysql and postgres are databases.  They store data and let you fetch data.

#4 u0206787@nus.edu.sg

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Posted 20 October 2006 - 04:56 AM

thanks dymon & btherl, I agree with you that people had been debating it but to me I keep wondering why and what the different. Yet from the web I can't find any that clearly state as what both of you had explain in just some simple words. That's a great help, thanks for your time.

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