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Array Sort *SOLVED*

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Im using natcasesort() to sort an array of image files.  This works great but i want a method of skipping to the next/previous image file.  But the problem is that when the array is sorted it doesnt reset the internal pointer i.e.

[code][0] => DSC00346.jpg
[42] => DSC00347.jpg
[47] => DSC00351.jpg
[40] => DSC00353.jpg
[6] => DSC00354.jpg
[7] => DSC00355.jpg
[36] => DSC00356.jpg

I know i could use key() to get the pointer for say 'DSC00354.jpg' but is there anyway to get the one for the record after? Or simply reset the pointers so they are still in order.

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Having sorted the array you can use
foreach ($array as $image) {
        echo $image . '<br />';

to process them in order.

If you want the indexes reset to 0, 1, 2
$array = array_values($array);[/code]

which will give
[0] => DSC00346.jpg
[1] => DSC00347.jpg
[2] => DSC00351.jpg

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