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implode multidimensional array help


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while($row=mysql_fetch_assoc($query)) {   
   $id = $row['id'];
   $col1 = $row['name1'];
   $col2= $row['name2'];
   $col3= $row['name3']; 

${"$id"} = array("$col1","$col2","$col3");
    ${"$s".$i}[] = ${"$id"};

This is just a brief example of what i'm trying to accomplish,$i is incremented somewhere else. I'm trying to implode the arrays in the array. So below i have imploded the main array but how do i implode the other arrays?


for($i=0;$i<11;$i++) {
$array = ${"s" . $i};
$outcomes = implode("",$array); //implodes main array




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