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While & Fetch Array

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Right, im having trouble getting to while loops to work in the same script. here is the syntax of the while loop

[code]while ($resultsa = mysql_fetch_array($runquerya)) {
echo $resultsa[FROM];

[code]while ($resultsb = mysql_fetch_array($runqueryb)) {
echo $resultsb[TO];

$runqueryb/$runquerya is the result of a MYSQL query which Im sure is obvious.

The problem is, the second While loop does not work/execute/proceed...

Im just wondering why. Is it a fault with my code? Or can you only call a while loop or array fetch once?

Any help would be great

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Actually, I think I might know the problem...

Once a variable has had the array fetch from it, does that variable then become empty meaning it cant be used again to retrieve the array?

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