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Image Mapping and Passing Variables

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I have this Map of my State and I've created hotspots for each of the 23 Districts within.


I want the User to click on a particular Spot, which would go to a page where the members for that state would be displayed using that District ID as the Search Key.


I guess I can pass on a Form Input data to another page as Hidden values, but how do I do it in this case ?


Morover, DW gives one common Map ID for the entire image and different co-ordinates. How then would I able to allocate the District IDs for each Spot ?


Thanks for the support

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Sorry about not posting the solution before I closed the thread..


I define the URL within the area map and GET it on the next page


<area shape="rect" coords="31,16,78,27" href="mynextpage.php?district=1" target="">

in the Target Page 

$district = $_GET["district"]

$SQL = "select * from Mytable where district = ". $district


Hope it is useful to others

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