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including HTML the hard way?

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Hi all,

I have installed php-calendar 0.10.5 as a basic calendar. I know very little about PHP by the way. The index.php file defines various items and then includes 3 files:-

require_once($phpc_root_path . 'includes/calendar.php');
require_once($phpc_root_path . 'includes/setup.php');
require_once($phpc_root_path . 'includes/globals.php');

Within calendar.php there is a function to define the head of the document that will be output in setup.php.

function create_xhtml($rest)
global $config, $phpc_script;

$output = "<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC \"-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN\"\n"
$html = tag('html', attributes('xml:lang="en"'),
tag('title', $config['calendar_title']),
                                                .' content="text/html;'
                                                .' charset=iso-8859-1"')),
.' type="text/css" href="'
'<!--[if IE]><link rel="stylesheet" '
.'type="text/css" href="all-ie.css" />'
tag('h1', $config['calendar_title']),

return $output . $html->toString();

Now rather than having to rather laboriously go through my whole site header which uses CSS, styles and 4 positioned layers, I wondered if there was an easier way to do this. I tried including the header part as an html file without closing tags (calendarpage.inc), but this generates an error once setup.php is reached, informing me that sessionstart() has a problem as the page has already begun.

Has anyone any ideas how I can rewrite the function above, or remove it and use an include to generate the header part of the php? I have attached the php files mentioned.

thanks very much for any help!


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You can use output buffering.. like this:

$header = ob_get_clean();[/code]

I'm pretty sure that'll do what you want.  Then you have your HTML in a string.

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