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Date formatting


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I'm going round in circles with this one, but I have a feeling that the answer is obvious.  I have POST information that I want to use as a date and display it using date format, but I don't know how to


The POST data outputs the following: 2011-9-23


Assuming I have defined $date as the posted data from the previous form, how do I write some code to tell it to output it as September 23, 2011, or just Sept 2011?

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I was actually reading that very site about an hour ago.  Can't make head nor tail of it, in terms of context, how I should adapt what I have.


Essentially what I have just now is:




And that outputs the basic SQL entry format of '0000-00-00'.


Can anyone suggest a basic way to write the line I wrote above, to add formatting to the date?

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Does your date format have leading 0's for the day or month?


i.e. is it always 9 for September and not 09? If the day is 5, is it 5 or 05? So for September 5th 2011 will it be 2011-9-5? or 2011-9-05?


Also, what version of PHP do you have?


PHP v4


The date could be anything, but the info is taken from three drop downs (day, month and year) in a form on the previous page.

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