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Include inside an include


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Still a new comer when it comes to PHP.


I have a situation where I want to use an include within an include and I am having trouble with my file paths.


My main header include, includes everything for each page of my site, beyond the opening of the body to incorporate my navigation etc conditionally loading in css, and loading in titles and meta data etc depending on the page in question.


This header needs to reference another include called the-pod.php which is required for every page, the only trouble is I want to use / to reference the root of the server and this is breaking my code. I can't use ../../ etc as its a different path depending on where the master file is located.


So my question is how do I get around this?


Can the root of the server or path to the root be stored in a variable? and if so how would I write this.


Any tips / advice will be greatly appreciated.

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