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Email system help - PHP

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I've got an email script. Its .php. I added a text field (its name is 'Other') in form (contact_form.php - file where visitor add info). Now when i type any thing in that text field, it appear close to the text of comments (comments is a text area). I want to appear that "other' text box text in a seperate row in the mail which i'll recive. That script has a file fcf_parse.php which is the file responsible for the data in email (which'll be sent to me). I also modified that file as
[code]$email_message .= stripslashes($_POST['Comments']);[/code]

[code]$email_message .= stripslashes($_POST['Comments']);
$email_message .= stripslashes($_POST['Other']);[/code]

Now plz tell me if i change that text field to drop-down, then what'll be the code that i've to replace for "stripslashes" or it'll remain same for all. I'm new in php that why asking this. If any one need that files (script), i can also provide that but plz help me.

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