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IMPORTANT!! Is my logic sound?? a question about include, and require


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Is this a sound explanation of require and include..

Lets say i have "X" application with an index.php file. in a folder on my domain like so: www.xxx.com/Application X folder/index.php.


// the index.php calls to multiple files with-in the "Application X folder" and database.


What if i move the index.php to another location all together like so:

http://www.xxx.com/notXsubfolder1/notXsubfolder2/notXsubfolder3/index.php //the X application index file..


and then edit the require and include links in the index.php file to paths like this (just example might not be accurate):


require_once '../../../../application X Folder/include/required_file.php';


My question:??

What i want to know is: if the required_file.php has includes of its own, will it take the includes that it requires from its original folder where the Required_file.php is located? or will its paths change the the new index.php location??



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An include that has a relative file path, will be relative to the file calling the include (which would be the script that you call, ie. index.php).


The greatest way to include a file is with an absolute file path.  That will eliminate relative file path problems.  I do this with a Constant in my main Config file.  Once you get in the habit, all of your relative woes will be behind you.



include INCLUDES_ABSOLUTE_PATH . '/required_file.php';


Now, if you move your files, you only have to change it in one location.  The config file.

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