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change column data displayed

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Hi all, i have the following code that displays data in a double column in the format


$getpress = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM events ORDER BY eventid ASC");//query the database for all of the news
$i = 1; // counter var
$cols = 2; // or however many columns you want
echo "<table>";
while($r=mysql_fetch_array($getpress)){//while there are rows in the table
extract($r);//remove the $r so its just $variable

if ($i == 1) echo "<tr>"; // start new row
    echo "<td td width=\"50%\"><font color=#000000><strong>$eventtitle</strong></font><br>
<font color=black>$eventinfo </font><br>
<font color=blue>$eventlink  </font><br></td>";
    if ($i == $cols) { // we've reached the end of our number of cols so end the row and reset the counter
        $i = 0;
        echo "</tr>";
    $i++; // increment our counter
if ($i != $cols) echo "</tr>"; // if we haven't finished off the row end it now
echo "</table>"; [/code]

what would i need to change to display the data in the format


thanks to all in advance.

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OK, you need to use MySQL result...  I'm just looking up some code I have that will do the job.


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