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Not recognizing variables


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Hi, My results were fine when displaying them on the browser but then  want to output student's grades depending on what mark they have got. I have put an if statement for this:


   if ($markGrade >= 70){
   $grade = "A";} 


But when I put the above if statement in the code then the browser outputs this:


Your Search:


Student Username: 'u0867587'


Notice: Undefined variable: sessionData in /web/stud/u0867587/Mobile_app/student_overall_grade.php on line 79


Notice: Undefined variable: moduleID in /web/stud/u0867587/Mobile_app/student_overall_grade.php on line 91


Notice: Undefined variable: moduleName in /web/stud/u0867587/Mobile_app/student_overall_grade.php on line 91


Notice: Undefined variable: markTotal in /web/stud/u0867587/Mobile_app/student_overall_grade.php on line 91


Notice: Undefined variable: markGrade in /web/stud/u0867587/Mobile_app/student_overall_grade.php on line 91


Notice: Undefined variable: grade in /web/stud/u0867587/Mobile_app/student_overall_grade.php on line 91


Notice: Undefined variable: sessionsHTML in /web/stud/u0867587/Mobile_app/student_overall_grade.php on line 93



Why is it not recognisiong any variables?


The code is below and in the attached file.

      if (isset($_POST['submit'])) {

      $query = "
          SELECT st.CourseId, c.CourseName, st.Year, st.StudentUsername, st.StudentForename, st.StudentSurname,
          s.ModuleId, m.ModuleName, m.Credits, s.SessionId, s.SessionWeight, gr.Mark, gr.Grade
          FROM Course c
          INNER JOIN Student st ON c.CourseId = st.CourseId
          JOIN Grade_Report gr ON st.StudentId = gr.StudentId
          JOIN Session s ON gr.SessionId = s.SessionId
          JOIN Module m ON s.ModuleId = m.ModuleId
          (st.StudentUsername = '".mysql_real_escape_string($studentid)."')
          ORDER BY c.CourseName, st.StudentUsername, m.ModuleName, s.SessionId

        $num = mysql_num_rows($result = mysql_query($query));


      Your Search:
      <strong>Student Username:</strong> <?php echo "'$studentid'"; ?><br/>
     if($num ==0){
    echo "<p>Sorry, No Records were found from this Search</p>";}
  function outputModule($moduleID, $moduleName, $sessionData)    
  if(!count($sessionData)) { return false; }        
  $markTotal = 0;        
  $markGrade = 0;
  $weightSession = 0;
  $grade = "";
  $sessionsHTML = '';  
  foreach($sessionData as $session)        {           
	   $sessionsHTML .= "<p><strong>Session:</strong> {$session['SessionId']} {$session['Mark']} {$session['SessionWeight']}%</p>\n";            
	   $markTotal += ($session['Mark'] / 100 * $session['SessionWeight']); 
	   $weightSession  += ($session['SessionWeight']);  
	   $markGrade = ($markTotal /  $weightSession * 100);   
	   if ($markGrade >= 70){
		   $grade = "A";} 
	   $moduleHTML = "<p><br><strong>Module:</strong> {$moduleID} - {$moduleName} {$markTotal} {$markGrade} {$grade}</p>\n";       
	    return $moduleHTML . $sessionsHTML;    }    
	    $output = "";    
	    $studentId = false;    
	    $courseId  = false;    
	    $moduleId  = false;    
	    while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))    {               
		     if($studentId != $row['StudentUsername'])        {            
			     //Student has changed              
		     $studentId = $row['StudentUsername'];                    
		     $output .= "<p><strong>Student:</strong> {$row['StudentForename']} {$row['StudentSurname']} ({$row['StudentUsername']})\n";          
		     if($courseId != $row['CourseId'])        {            
			      //Course has changed           
			       $courseId = $row['CourseId'];                    
			       $output .= "<br><strong>Course:</strong> {$row['CourseId']} - {$row['CourseName']} <br><strong>Year:</strong> {$row['Year']}</p>\n";           
			 if($moduleId != $row['ModuleId'])        {            

				 //Module has changed            
				 if(isset($sessionsAry)) //Don't run function for first record           

					    //Get output for last module and sessions                
					    $output .= outputModule($moduleId, $moduleName, $sessionsAry);            }            
					    //Reset sessions data array and Set values for new module           
					     $sessionsAry = array();            
					     $moduleId    = $row['ModuleId'];         
					     $moduleName  = $row['ModuleName'];        }        
					     //Add session data to array for current module      
					     $sessionsAry[] = array('SessionId'=>$row['SessionId'], 'Mark'=>$row['Mark'], 'SessionWeight'=>$row['SessionWeight']);    
					     }    //Get output for last module  
					      $output .= outputModule($moduleId, $moduleName, $sessionsAry);   
					       //Display the output    
					       echo $output;







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