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Putting an IF statement in table

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#1 j3rmain3

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Posted 26 October 2006 - 10:55 AM

Is it possible to add an IF statement in a table? My situation is, i want an image (Thumbnail) to appear depending on what filetype the file is. so i have radio buttons which return a value. I want to do an if statement so if for example 1 appears in the field, a word file icon will appear in the table.

Here is the coding for the form

echo "<tr>";
echo "<td><font face=Verdana size=-1>
<input type=radio value=1 name=filetype>&nbsp .doc<br>
<input type=radio value=2 name=filetype>&nbsp .pdf<br>
<input type=radio value=3 name=filetype>&nbsp .jpg<br>
<input type=radio value=4 name=filetype>&nbsp .bmp</td>";
echo "</tr>"

Here is the coding for the table

while ($row=mysql_fetch_row($result)){
echo "<td>".$row[3]."</td>";
echo "<td>   (This is where i do not understand how to place the IF statement) </td> ";
echo "<tr>";

Do i just create a if statment elsewhere, save the answer in a variable and then place the variable in the cell.

such as

if ($filetype == 1){
echo "<img src=word.gif alt=word icon>";
} else {
echo "<img src=adobeReader.gif alt=pdf icon>";

But then how do i save this into a variable.

I have no idea how to work around this

Help  ???


#2 redarrow

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Posted 26 October 2006 - 11:16 AM


//Get the file types.


//Get the filetypes out

foreach($x as $filetype){

// put the file types with in a radio button.

echo "<tr>
<td><font face=Verdana size=-1>

<input type=radio value=1 name=$filetype>&nbsp $filetype<br>


// Pull the radio button file types out.

foreach($filetype as $file){

// query the database for the filetype 

$query="select * from files where filetype='$file'";


// show the file types from the database.

echo"<img src=" ".$record['filetype']." "></img>";



Wish i new all about php DAM i will have to learn

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