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help with a function...

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i have a function to add smileysthat works fine on my message board, but not on my updates!
function emoticon($post) {
  $emoticonarray = array(
      ':)'  => 'smile.gif',
      ':('  => 'sad.gif',
      ';)'  => 'wink.gif',
      ':P'  => 'tongue.gif',
      ':D'  => 'cheese.gif'

  foreach($emoticonarray as $emoticon => $img) {
      $search[] = $emoticon;
      $replace[] = '<img src="http://lordoftheabyss.com/images/emotions/' . $img . '" alt="' . $emoticon . '" />';
  $post = str_replace($search, $replace, $post);
  return $post;
$post = emoticon($updates[uptext]);

$datessql = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM updates order by time desc LIMIT 10");
while($updates = mysql_fetch_array($datessql)){

echo "<tr><td width=150 bgcolor=#101010>$updates[time]</tD><td width=550 bgcolor=#222222><left><b>$updates[title]</b></left></td></tr><tr><td bgcolor=#222222>Posted By:<br><a href=http://www.lordoftheabyss.com/player/view.php?id=$updates[id]>$updates[username]</a></td><td bgcolor=#101010>emoticon($updates[uptext])</td></tr>";

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Move [code=php:0]$post = emoticon($updates[uptext]);[/code] inside the where loop first.

Then change this:
<td bgcolor=#101010>emoticon($updates[uptext])</td>

To this:
<td bgcolor=#101010>$post</td>


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