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irritating error

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Hi everybody.

I have created a rather complex query for my database, which works OK (I mean it brings the right results). The problem is that the results are brought to me 4 times. That means that if the query has one correct answer, I get the answer, but I get it in 4 times.

What can be the fault? I have written my code here, but I don't think it's easier, since it would be difficult to explain the structure of the database


SELECT refU.code FROM reference AS refU

LEFT JOIN protein_reference AS prU ON refU.reference_id = prU.reference_id

LEFT JOIN protein_reference AS prQ ON prU.protein_id = prQ.protein_id

LEFT JOIN reference as refQ ON refQ.reference_id = prQ.reference_id

LEFT JOIN protein ON protein.protein_id = prU.protein_id

LEFT JOIN datab ON datab.datab_id = refU.datab_id

LEFT JOIN protein_organism ON protein_organism.protein_id = protein.protein_id

LEFT JOIN organism ON organism.organism_id = protein_organism.organism_id

LEFT JOIN families_reference ON families_reference.reference_id = refU.reference_id

LEFT JOIN families ON families.families_id = protein.families_id

WHERE protein.name like '%ahh3%' AND datab.name='prnd';


So, if the correct answer is the code QWE234 for instance, mysql returns:






I understand that it might be difficult to give me an answer, but I was wondering if there is any mistake in my syntax and therefore I get the result 4 times. The syntax as it is is correct for the job I need it to do.

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