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[PHP / MySql] + [CMS] ?

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I have a question.
Im looking for some kind of database script to run/put on my webhost.
Its a little bit difficult to explain but I will try.
I want make some sort of database will all kinds of people in it, e.g. a address database (Yes it has to be online because I want more people able to edit the data (records), and also that I can set permissions for each user for who is allowed to edit special thing and who not.
I want to store the data in a MySql database. Then I want to be able to change that data with a easy to use interface, so that I dont have to go in PhPMyAdmin to edit the tables just for changing one record. I want to set the different options for every user, e.g. edit fields, add record, edit record, del record, permissions. Everything has to be editable easy and stored in the database.

Does anyone knows if there are standard scripts for this?
Of does anyone want to make some sort of script.
I have also a self-made script for this but it aint working and don't know to get it fixed.

Thanks alot.
If you want to know more let me know.



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This forum is not for writing scripts for you, nor recommending 3rd party scripts.  If you wish for someone to write a script for you, please post in the freelance forum (read forum rules first).  If you want some recommendations for 3rd party scripts, ask in the misc. forum.  If you want some help on your self-made code that you already have, then php help forum is indeed the right place for this.  But it doesn't look like that's what you're leaning towards.  For now, I am moving this to misc. forum for people to offer recommendations. 

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