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Search Checkbox Noob Problem

El Chupacodra

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Hi gang, new to posting but I've read the forum on and off.


I'm coding a small community and will have a lot of questions for you over time.

The first one is about a search function.


We'll have users of different nationalities and languages and you will be able to search, only I was thinking there could be a better way.

They'll enter those posts through a dropdown list and when you search it you will use checkboxes.

I just don't see the results I want when I pick the array for info.


Like I have this right now as the form (which is sent to the php page itself as POST):

Nationality: <br />

<input type="checkbox"" name="natBox[]" size="30" value="all"/> All<br />

<input type="checkbox"" name="natBox[]" size="30" value="weuro"/> W Europe<br />

<input type="checkbox"" name="natBox[]" size="30" value="eeuro"/> E Europe<br />

<input type="checkbox"" name="natBox[]" size="30" value="wafrica"/> W Africa<br />


And the thing I was doing was to check the boxes with if (isset) and then make the query longer and longer, butI figure there could be a smarter way.

Like if I was going to enter 200 countries I can't really check for all can I?


After the check (now deleted) it sets the query to this:


$query = "SELECT * FROM user_criteria WHERE (age BETWEEN '$ageFr' AND '$ageTo') AND nationality='$nationality'";


...and the part I don't have now is to pick the array natBox and add every value so @nationality becomes for instance weuro OR wafrica etc.


Got a more elegant approach?

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