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  1. bl actually matched a http var for the rest api this data come from so any one using this table would know what its for. this table is used to cache items from the WoW api and save them to cut down on making requests to the main api over and over again a basic item is an item where no other upgrades to it are present where as context and bl (bonuslist) can change the stats lvl or rarity of the item and yes at this time i am current making sure all fields are called but this dosent seem very effective to me and i thought maybe i was doing something wrong lol
  2. ok here is some data for you to look at ... CREATE TABLE `roster_api_items` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL, `item_id` int(11) NOT NULL, `context` varchar(100) DEFAULT NULL, `bl` varchar(100) DEFAULT NULL, `item_name` varchar(96) NOT NULL, `item_color` varchar(16) NOT NULL, `item_texture` varchar(64) NOT NULL, `item_tooltip` mediumtext NOT NULL, `level` int(11) DEFAULT NULL, `item_level` int(11) DEFAULT NULL, `item_type` varchar(64) DEFAULT NULL, `item_subtype` varchar(64) DEFAULT NULL, `item_rarity` int(4) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `locale` varchar(16) DEFAULT NULL, `times
  3. sorry its late here i added some data to my table i made a request for an item with context and bl populated then made a request for an item with context and bl empty and received the info for the row with the fields populated. my only workarround was to make sure all fields are listed in the request.
  4. ty ive done so and when querying for one of the items that should have multiple if the other fields are omitted it returns one with the unique fields filled instead of empty.. seems i need to always query full fields ...
  5. so i have a table with several fields id | idx | context | bl | bonus | name so what i have is `id` is the primary AI field for the table, But here is my issue i need the remaining columns to be unique BUT based on each other so i could have data like '1', '18457', '', '', '6','some name 1' '2', '18457', 'ct1', '', '6','some name 1' '3', '18457', '', '45,67,415', '7','some name 1' so rite now i cant do this but the same idx can appear more then once but only if the other fields are different .. is this possible?
  6. node js is an awesome thing for chat systems i developed a facebook like chat application for it at one time messages are instant and you have the client js do the work the server just stores and relays the message
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