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PHP.INI - Mail Function

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I've been trying to utilize PHP's send mail function, problem is i need to change the PHP.ini file in order to swicthed around the default values of  SMTP_Port and SMTP Server, By default it's set to 'localhost' i need it to use my mail server; mail.whatever.com. ive been making the changes in the PHP.ini file under my c: on my web serv...don't see the php.ini file anywhere else, ive restarted my IIS numerous times, ive tried a bunch of things, any ideas? possibly an alternative route such as a PHP script which will chaneg these values fro me ? thanks

btw. when i do a phpinfo();
it thinks the config file (php.ini) is in c:\WINNt (which its not)...and it still dont recgnize the changes ive made to php.ini, although when i pull up the .ini file i see the changes...its as if i need to recompile php! .im lost please help :-[

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Run this script

It will tell you the location of php.ini

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It was saying PHP.INI was in C:\WINNT on my local web server. which is wasn't. infact it was located : C:\PHP\php.ini     

but in any case, i changed the configuration of PHP from ASAPI module to a CGI, now PHP properly reads from php.ini located in my c:\PHP directory, which is great, now im experiecing another problem;

when i attempt to open; contact.php for example, or a majority of my .php documents, i get prompted to enter a login / password.

i login in as administrator and it takes me to the document just fine, everything works splended, but how do i turn of the CGI Authencation???????

im running an IIS server on windows 2000 server =[....although id like to go to apche , not everyone agrees here

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