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How secure is unauthorised PHP email and comments???

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Hi, I'm at the design stages of design a portfolio site and am thinking of incorporating a PHP "email this link" function, so that users can email the page url to friend etc.

My question is how secure is this function? can I expect for spammers to hack my site and abuse this function or am I being paranoid? I've noticed on some sites that allow anonymous commenting that they sometimes become populated by viagra adds and the usuall crap. I don't really want to include an image verification script, would it make any difference if the "email this link" function had a flash front-end?

Any advice or suggestions for further reading would be appreciated as i'm pretty new to PHP.


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I don't see an issue. As long as the mail function is handled on the back end and you only allow them to email the link (and possibly a very short message) I don't see why a spammer would want to use it. Why would they be interested in sending a link to your site to thousands of people. Just make sure that any user input text is short, is stripped of html formatting,  and cannot be injected.

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