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Change Values in a MySQL Array?

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I am stuck on something here and need some help.
What I am looking to do is take and array of some values that I pulled from a MySQL database query and then I need to loop though the aray and look at CB.AVATAR for reach record and do an "if" statment to look at the value and then change the record if needed.

$query = "SELECT DISTINCT users.id, users.username, cb.avatar";
// Display Users Real Name Option
if ($display_realname != "0"){
require_once($mosConfig_absolute_path . '/administrator/components/com_comprofiler/ue_config.php');
if ($ueConfig['name_style'] == "1"){
$query .= ", users.name";
}elseif ($ueConfig['name_style'] == "2"){
$query .= ", cb.firstname, cb.lastname";
}elseif ($ueConfig['name_style'] == "3"){
$query .= ", cb.firstname, cb.middlename, cb.lastname";
if ($aboutme != "") {
$query .= ", cb.". $aboutme." as aboutme";
$query .= ' FROM #__users as users, #__comprofiler as cb, #__session as session WHERE users.id = session.userid and users.id = cb.id';
$rows = $database->loadObjectList();

Then latter in my code I push the array to patTemplate that automaticly goes through the array and iserts the fields I want to display.

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I don't recognize the database interface you are using.

Can you give us a sample of what var_dump($rows) looks like?  Or an example of how to access the result set?

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I probably should have explained that I am a developing a module for Joomla! CMS www.joomla.com thier site can explain better then I can about the database interface. Also the section on PatTemplate.

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