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in need of major help

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okay... here's the dilly-o.


i decided to do things this way: get a layout done first, then come back and ask for major assistance. lol. okay, it's just a rough draft now, but this is the basic idea of


what i want the site to look like:



this is how i would like things to operate:


-- i want my staff (5 of us, maybe more in the future) to be able to use the login area to upload film reviews. i also want my staff to be able to login in order to upload their "staff feature" articles which also can automatically index themsevles by date of upload

-- i want the film reviews to be searchable, as well as alphabetized (without me having to do it manually). actually, anything on the site can be searchable.

-- i want the main page to operate like a news-type blog: i post the updates/news, but anyone can comment back on it

-- i want the film reviews to be able to have a comment section as well. like a mini forum (sort of like at aint-it-cool-news.com)


... and that's it i think.


now, is this impossible to do? is there anyone out there who could help me out, or point me in the right direction? i *really* want to get this done, and now that i've provided a layout, i'm sure ya'll can get a better idea of what i'm looking for.



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