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help with php

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installed Apache on solaris 10, used localhost for my domain name serrver and website, installed it etc.. then went to http://localhost in my browser and it said "it works" , saved my script to it with is a basic script

echo "hello";
and I saved it to exmaples folder as first.php and when i went to http://localhost/first.php it didnt come up as hello it come up as the code, i think this might be a problem with the apache installation i made because the code is pefectly fine from what I can see.

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This might be a silly question but its an easy mistake to make, have you turned on the php proccessor? This is done (at least on windows in every installation Ive seen) by running a batch file or other executable so try any executable you might have with the word "start" in it, it will be in the home folder for the installation like "root/apache/". Ive had this before and it was because i completely forgot to turn apache on ::) Another thing is to make sure that the URL is definitely http://localhost/file.php and make sure it hasn't gone back to root/dir/dir/file.php although as you said the first file worked its likely that apache is on but the script is in the wrong folder. IN my installation i have to go into a few folders until i get to the htdocs folder. I belive on an X server the live directory is var/www  so make sure that the script is in a folder like that or the corresponding folder if its different. If its not in the right place it might not get parsed as php. Thats all i can think of for now. Good luck.

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