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Problem with tidy functions

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I have a big problem with chanching source paths in my file.I would like to  change src="1.png" and src="2.png" to "C:/wamp/www/Lilie wodne.jpg". I don't know why it doesn't work.
Here is a source code:
$html = '<html><head><title></title></head><body>';
$html .= '<img src="1.png"><b>PHP Solutions</u>';
$html .= '<img alt="" src=2.png width=20 height=20>';
$html .= '</bofy></html>';

$tidy = tidy_parse_string($html);
$html = tidy_get_html($tidy);

function reset_images(&$html){

//if tag is <IMG>
//change source path to "C:/wamp/www/Lilie wodne.jpg"
//here src = "C:/wamp/www/Lilie wodne.jpg" but
//but when we return from function attribute:
//$html->attribute['src'] remains still the same.
//that is "2.png" and "1.png"
//what is wrong??

if($html->id == TIDY_TAG_IMG){
$html->attribute['src'] = "C:/wamp/www/Lilie wodne.jpg";
echo $html->attribute['src'];
if ($html->hasChildren()){
//foreach($html->child as $child){
echo $html;

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