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php on web

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I have tested my php files on my machine with a local web server, and now i want to test it on the web. I saw some free web hosting on the net.

q) Can anyone recommend free webpage  hosting with a domain name (so a browser can pick it up), php and mysql. I will want over 50 megs (for photos). and am i asking for too much?

q)Otherwise what are my options for the above requirments?

q) Can you get a forum  of your own (with limits ) for free to add to your webpage?

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Hi, i recommend trap17.com im hosted there right now for free, you get tons of space and bandwidth (i cant remember how much now, its been a while since i signed up) plus sql, php, subdomains, ftp for subdomains aswell, email forwarders, Cpanel to help you configure your site complete with logs, network tools, ssl tools phpmyadmin etc... and a URL of mysite.trap17.com  but you can use any other domain name with it, including purchasing one from trap17. The only catch is you need to post on the forums, but its easy! The forums are general including a section for php programming talk, graphics, other programming, website discussion, games, general talk etc... All they ask is that you get 30 credits for the best hosting plan or 10 for the second best. These will take you max 5 days to get and at the moment i have 170+. The hosting is well worth it and they have no ads and completely free.

there is also a second version of this at trap17.NET where they offer exactly the same for free but you have to have one banner ad on your website.

Trap17 is the best host ive used, they also have paid plans from about $3 per month with 30+gb of bandwidth and 3gb of space. Worth considering if you want paid hosting :)

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What about a service with no ad banners on it?

I wouldn't like that initially and maybe http://www.afmu.com/
is better, I don't know.

I see you can also get free forum and shopping carts with php of course. Can you link this to your website , so it looks like you have a webpage,php,mysql,forum and shopping cart all in the 1 website; which will be spread over 3 servers.

Anyone tried this?

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