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Dreamweaver Connecting to a Database

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Hi All,

Im a bit of a newbie to this.

I am working my way through a book at the moment that is teaching me php through dreamweaver. The book is not really hard coding its about using dreamweavers menu's database, recordset facilties etc.

Anyhow heres my problem.

I have created a link to my database through the Window menu-databases.

I created a link to my web based mysql datase by adding databse names, passwords etc to the dialog box that pops up.

I then go onto create a recordset, using the bindings tab, recordset(query) link. The interface pops up and I can create my recordsets no problem.

I have done all of the above numerous times, for many pages.

Sometimes (at home when) i come back to the page that I have created database links and recordsets upon. the page stalls when I open a page with a recordset on.

I then get a progress bar saying "testing database connection" this goes on for about 2 minutes then I get a message saying could not connect to datasbse THis also happens when I go to create new recordsets or connect to my old ones, the form(interface) searches for a while after selecting the databse but doe snot pick up any tables. I then get the value ***no tables found.

This is only occassional, and sometimes its works fine.

I believe it could be my internet service provider letting me down.

I have experimented with connecting to database and creating recordsets at various times during the day, and at peak times it is impossible to create recordsets/connection through the dreamweaver tools and I end up creating them manually by hard coding.

Another big issue and this is really annoying, is the fact that if I go to a page that I have previously created a recordset set on using dreamweavers wizards. If the server is struggling to connect everytime I do something on the page or change anything text, go from design view to code view etc. Dreamweaver tries to connect to the database and I get the progress bar for about 2 minutes till it fails. This is really annoying because, I know I cant connect using dreamweaver, so take the hard coding option(good Proactise) but the previous connections I have made, are trying to boot up and failing so. I cant get any work done. It would be 2 much undoing to go back and undo or lose all the automated dreamweaver code.

Is this an internet connection problem, it seems fine at low peak usage time ie saturday nights, week nights are a nightmare though

I also have no problem uploading my pages by dreamweaver ftp from my site connections and all of my pages with dynamic data are working fine and dandy allbeit a bit slow.

I cannot use any of Dreamweavers connection wizards whilst at work, but I suspect this may be a firewall issue.

I just get the trying to connect to server progress bar which then fails.

Sorry to waffle, has anyone else had this problem

Many Thanks

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It is most probably a problem with the MySQL server. It shouldn't be your ISP at fault. However what I recommend you to do is to install MySQL locally while you are developing your script. When you are finished just do a mysql dump on your local database and then upload the dump to your remote MySQL database.

Also I do not recommend you to use Dreamweaver's generated code from the wizards. Whenever coding in PHP do it by hand, don't use the automated tools.

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Possible solution:

I was having the exact same problem in Dreamweaver trying to connect to my GoDaddy mysql database.  The connection would work about one out of ten times.  I would often get the "***no tables found" error.

But, once I got rid of GoDaddy and moved to a different provider (webhostfreaks.com) the problem completely disappeared.  Something is screwy with GoDaddy's database hosting. 

I spent far too many hours trying to figure out this problem so I hope this saves someone else the time.


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