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Undeclare a function?

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I just installed PHP v5.2 on my local comp, and found out the PHP team was nice enough to create a date_format() function. :)

Arghh...  I have my own date_format() function, it's probably in the system several thousand times in many different files, and doing a quick search and replace won't really work because all development was to flow through a Windows app I created.  Just so it maintains what files were changed, what to include with an upgrade, etc.

Anyway, so is there any way I can just un-declare this new date_format() function, and use mine instead?

Thanks alot,

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Ok, nevermind...  I reverted to v5.1.6, and all is fine now. :)  Well, except I found out v5.1.6 no longer has the money_format() function.  Grrr....

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