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hi Guys,
Looking for a litttle bit of help.
I run a martial arts club, and all of my members infor is stored in a php membership system which i have created.
However i would like it to have a feature of classs reigsters, to save on printing costs.
basically the idea i have is for PHP to find the dates of Every Tuesday and THursday in the current month. and print these in a table view.
underneath each date for each person i would like to have a check box.

here is an example of the sort of this i am looking for:
Thank you in advance for any help

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Although a slightly different approach to what you have there, I'd create maybe an event calendar, like the one in the tutorial that Obs wrote recently [url=http://www.phpfreaks.com/tutorials/144/0.php]here @ PHPFreaks[/url] as my starting point (You'll need a few code tweaks as the code doesn't work out of the box, there's a few typos in there).

Then add events for each of your classes, finally tie in a users table to allow for entry of attendees.

Using the event calendar tutorial with a little bit of code tweaking and style sheets, I came up with the following:

http://dizzie.co.uk/calendar (Yellow shows the current day, Purple shows days with events on).

Then I added a few additional tables, and voila!


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