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Email Database Crawler

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I setup PHP and MySQL on my computer on thurday, finally got everything working and am beginning to grasp the basics

My intention was to create an email database that I and a friend could access from different locations and make sure that we weren't contacting the same person twice.

That was my initial goal. Whilst looking around I can across this script called Email Extractor http://www.zubrag.com/scripts/email-extractor.php I was wondering how one might begin altering the script to allow it to parse pages linked to a particular site. In effect adding depth to the script and to then add its listings to the database where they could be scrutinised for their relevance.

Im going to try and crack it myself, though I would like to know if a simlar script exists already.


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If you are wanting to parse html pages (either flat html files or generated html pages (e.g. php, asp, etc) then you want to implement a screen scraper. Do some googling on that and you should find what you are looking for.

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