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My Connection Disappeared?!

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ok, so i created a mySQL connection, saw the tables, created a recordset yadda yadda.

however, DWMX2004 made the code look so bulky, i took out a few extra snippets, anyway, the php file works fine, however dreamweaver no longer "sees" the connection. It does not show up in the Databases panel anymore. So I decided to click the plus sign to create it again.


when i tried to recreate it, it gives me the error message:


"Cannot create new Connection because the file already exists. Please rename either the connection or the file." -- If it knows the file exists, why doesn't it show up??



The problem with this is---I don't want to create a new connection, i don't want to rename any files. The original connection file still exists and works fine, but because it doesn't appear in the panel, I can't create any new recordsets using it....


HELP!! Anyone encounter such a problem?

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Sounds like you stuffed up your mmServerScripts. Redo your site setup, and check that your db_connect.php file in the Connections folder is all in order, and then try and re-add the connection.


If that doesnt work, and only if it doesnt, delete the mmServerScript folder from the root of the site and redo your site setup from scratch.

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