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Converting week number to start and end date of the week

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I can get the start and end dates for a current week number by using mktime
[code]$StartOfWeek = date("d",mktime(0,0,0,date("n"),(date("j")-date("w")),date("Y")))."/".date("m",mktime(0,0,0,date("n"),(date("j")-date("w")),date("Y")))."/".date("Y",mktime(0,0,0,date("n"),(date("j")-date("w")),date("Y")));

$EndOfWeek = date("d",mktime(23,59,59,date("n"),(date("j")+(6-date("w"))),date("Y")))."/".date("m",mktime(23,59,59,date("n"),(date("j")+(6-date("w"))),date("Y")))."/".date("Y",mktime(23,59,59,date("n"),(date("j")+(6-date("w"))),date("Y")));

The problem is a need to be able to find the start and end date of any week inputted via a form. I have had a good look round the web, but i have been unable to find anything to point me in the right direction. Can anyone help?

Thanks James

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// assuming wk1 contains Jan 1st
$wk = 44;
$day1 = mktime (0,0,0,1,1,date('Y'));
$days = ($wk - 1) * 7;
$d = strtotime ("+$days days", $day1);
$dow = date('w', $d);
$sunday = strtotime ("-$dow days", $d);
$saturday = strtotime ("+6 days", $sunday);

echo date ('D jS F, Y', $sunday). ' to ' . date ('D jS F, Y', $saturday) ;


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