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Have you heard of / used moodle??


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Moodle is a self contained e-learning tool that is currently being used by many schools and teachers etc. It's all written in php, and is open source.
A user has to login in to moodle which validates using LDAP. I want to add another mini site to moodle that students can use to view their course deatails (Moodle allows you to do this to a certain degree). I want to carry across variables such as username and password which can then be used to query the db. This I can setup through the Moodle administration. However it passes these across via method="get" and as I want to use username and password it has security issues due to the variables being displayed within the url.
I have found within the Moodle code 59 instances of method="get" and 195 instances of $_GET. What would the consiquences be if I changed all of these to "post" and $_POST?
I've always assumed that they are both essentially the same, but post is more secure.
Am I wrong?
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