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how to use multiple databases instead of one

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my host requires that the max database size is within 200MB, although unlimi

ted databases are allowed.

My IPB forum database is growing fast, and one single table (posts) is over

300MB now, my host is kind, but one day they will sure contact me about it.


Is there any way that I can somehow move the posts table to a separate datab

ase, or even better, split the post table into several databases?


I'm new to mySQL, so please give me detailed instructions.

many thanks.

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(SELECT *, 1 AS db FROM db1.posts)
(SELECT *, 2 AS db FROM db2.posts)
ORDER BY datetime DESC


Your results would be populated with posts from the two databases ordered by post time. You would also have an extra column db to check for which db it's coming from, so you won't mess up the ids.

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