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sql count statement - this is probably really simple


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I'm trying to work out a count of how many of what assets are in a certain location:

there should be 13 different categories (asset types) in a location and i want the individual count of each category. here's what i have - which seems to give me a total count of all assets and locations together plus one asset description and one location.....

almost right.


$con = mysql_connect('localhost','root','');
  if(! $con) die(mysql_error()); 
$result = mysql_query("SELECT DISTINCT COUNT(`Asset Description`) AS TOTALAD, LOCATION, `Asset Description` AS AD FROM master WHERE LOCATION like 'NC%'");

while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
  echo $row["LOCATION"];
   echo "<br />";
  echo $row["TOTALAD"];
   echo "<br />";
  echo $row["AD"];
  echo "<br />";

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