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Framework or not


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I have been doing small scale programming but I am now planning to foray into large scale, intensive web application to handle high traffic, definitely I need something fast, efficient and re-usable. Since I am programming for a while, I have my own collection of code  which  I use for base and generally am able to build fast and secure (small) web application. But now I am looking into framework. So, here is the question..

Should I look into framework like Yii , Kohana etc..


Should continue building on my own code ..


I just don't want to learn all those framework if and but then at the decides not to use them as I find them not really helpful !!!

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Recently I developed a small website for myself. I am a Windows C++ and .NET programmer for the last 10+ years. I have even done pHp development somewhere during 1995 - 1997. Believe me, if you want to develop anything more than one or two pages, use a framework.


I have written about my recent experience in my blog, I think it will be useful for you.




Cheers and all the best for your project!

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