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Mysql performance concern

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I have a table name prob.

prob has 2 fields:

- ID: Interger, AutoIncrement

- Code: varchar 20


both fields are indexed and table is myISAM.


I currently have about 3 millions records in the table. In other word, I have 3 millions codes, these codes are distinct.


when I query: select * from prob where code='84l4jf983jf938'; (this code is not existed in database)


After about 6 seconds, an empty result is returned.


This post is not about error, I have no error. I only concern about the performance: 6 seconds is disasterous!!!


I suppose the indexes are store in binary tree, 3 millions records will average up to about depth 13. If it is 13 depth, how can it take 6 seconds to compare 13 20-chars string?


Any mysql expert might explain why it should take ridiculously long, and how can I optimize it?



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