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Need feedback on usability


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I believe you are limiting yourself by using the word rant, something related to the words "audio comment" may work better.


I noticed when my search crawler hit your page that the audio comments do not have their own permalinks, (a link leading to a page with just that audio file). I believe if you linked your titles to the audio's it can brink you more traffic and searchable.


To make my point clearer, you can have links similar to these.


Ellen: TickTubes kill 90% of ticks

Ellen: US lyme disease numbers

Ellen: Lyme disease awareness


In your sidebar you show popular rants that are nice titles, but the links take you to the latest rants with that link now on top.

Social Media Week 2012


This is yet another good reason to make each rant have a permanent location.


I have no idea why people still use the www in their domains, it's better to redirect all www's to the non www domain.

Having that www. was a thing of the past. http://fragments.turtlemeat.com/www-domain-name-configuration.php


One more thing, you are using <meta property= and not the proper <meta name= to get the accurate information of what your website is about.


Use <meta name= for your website data, and the open graph <meta property= for each of your pages data


Look here for more what you should fix.




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Thanks for the feedback!  We will definitely fix the meta tag issue. 


As far as having a single rant on a page - we tried that but found that we didn't have content to go beneath it.  The page ended up looking empty without more rants below the 'featured' rant.  Do you have any suggestions as to how you would structure a single rant page?


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If did the single page for the rant, you could display just that users other rants below it.


Some things you can add to the single pages could be those embed codes (which need to be shifted to the right more), views, ratings, text comments or even rant comments.


Or when you get a lot more rants there, similar subject rants as suggestions.


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