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Timeout Problem

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I have a problem with downloading of attachments from our company website.


We are currently using IIS and PHP 5.0.4.


The problem occurs from within the forum software we are using, we are currently using Invision Power Board 2.1.1 and it allows me to upload attachments greater than 3MB, but when i try downloading the same file, it stops at 2.9MB no matter what attachement this is.


I have contacted IPB about this, and they have tested that there are no bugs within there forum software, and referred me to check the timeout's from within PHP and IIS. I have checked these and they are set high. So it seems this is not where the problem lies.


I am able to download the files directly using the full URL.


Has anyone has a similiar problem, or knows where the problem may be.


If you require any further details, please let me know.






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