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How do I insert into my DB a POST array ?


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Hi - I have an HTML form which is dynamically produced using CodeIgniter / PHP and presents products a customer has ordered.  When the customer has finished changing his quantities they must now submit the form.  My problem is that my form will contain many of the same named fields for example, 'Product ID', or 'Product Name' or 'quantity'. So now when it gets processed a typical post array like product id could look like this:


Array ( [0] => 28 [1] => 24 [2] => 101 [3] => 23 [4] => 17 )


Of course I get an error:


Severity: Notice


Message: Array to string conversion


Filename: mysql/mysql_driver.php


I really need some advice on how I should pre-process the various POST arrays so I can get them into my DB.


A very grateful student of PHP !



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Maybe if you show what is really being posted by adding the following to your page and also posting the mysql query you're attempting might help us help you with this situation.  At this point we'd only be guessing.

echo "<pre>";
echo "</pre>";

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Hi - THANK YOU very for helping out ! I'm still learning PHP and this has got me beat. Ok, Here is the data you are asking for. The web form generating the POST variables create arrays as there are many values with the same name.  For example there are lots of Product Id's, lots of Product Names etc etc.


So, here is how the POST arrays are created ( CodeIgniter /PHP ):


        echo form_hidden('prodid[]', $value['prodid']);
echo form_hidden('name[]', $value['name']);
echo form_hidden('orderid[]', $value['orderid']);
echo form_hidden('pricelb[]', $value['pricelb']);



So, for example,

print_r ($_POST['prodid']);

produces :


    [0] => 17
    [1] => 101
    [2] => 27



 print_r ($_POST['name']);



    [0] =>  Ribs Large pack 20 pieces
    [1] => breasts
    [2] => Sirloin Steak 


The keys line up between the Arrays.


The Query is generated with Codeigniter / PHP, which is very obvious. The DB table is called 'confirmedorder'

$data = array(
	'customerid' =>$customerid,
	'quantity' => $_POST['quantity'],
	'name' => $_POST['name'],
	'prodid' => $_POST['prodid'], 
	'pricelb' => $_POST['pricelb'],
	  $this->db->insert('confirmedorder', $data); 

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Thank you for your help - yes, the Batch method could be the right way to go once I get the variables out of the arrays .  So far I am still experimenting. I found a possible solution on Sitepoint where it uses nested foreach statements where you place an INSERT query for each POST variable.


It possibly might work - but it s very, very messy and will produce a rats nest of Foreach statements.  I would prefer something more elegant, but I am not experienced enough to think of it.


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