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Recordset Paging Question

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I am new to PHP and hoping someone here can help me figure this out.


The website is at: http://www.tilaru.com


When you click on the "Latest Project" image, or on an image inside one of the galleries, you go to a new window that gives the details for that particular project.


Now - what I would like to do, is have previous and next links on this detail page that will allow the viewer to browse all of the items within that category.


Right now the details page is populated by the "item" field via the clicked URL, and I need to have the recordset paging populated by the "type2" field in the database, according to the same "type2" information from the item.


So - if you clicked on a picture of a gate, that particular gate(item) would show up first, then if you click on previous or next it will go through all of the gates(type2), sorted by date DESC.


I can't seem to figure out how to do this, since the page is being called by "item" - even though I am telling the recordset to pull type2 for that particular item - I don't know how to reference it for the paging feature :(


If anyone knows how to do this I would be very grateful :D

Thank you,


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If you could, please post the code you're currently using along with the details on the table where the information is stored. Once I see what you're working with, I'm sure we can hack out what you're needing done.





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